A Poignant and Powerful Telegram Response:

I was moved to include as part of this article a response we got from a follower over at our Telegram.

Telegram: Focusing on grass-roots level supporters that are working to make Decentr happen.

This response commented on the aims, goals and ethos of what we at Decentr are building in the context of the current global crisis.

The follower who responded is always very vocal on our Telegram. We have a lot of respect for him as he is able — and much more than capable (ouch!) — of cutting through the BS in ways that diplomacy might sometimes preclude us from doing.

As this crisis reveals, all that the powers-that-be want is a future hijacked by unsustainable financial and economic systems that are destroying individuals, families, communities and businesses in order to maintain their unearned positions and incomes. (Oh, yeah — and you’re paying for it.)


I will leave the last word with him; his words are strong meat indeed, which we feel is precisely what is needed at this time if we are to effect any sort of real and lasting change.

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We are being given a collective choice. This collective decision will dictate the future of humanity.

Do we seek solutions from those who created these problems?


Do we take the collective evidence of fraud to spark the need for drastic change?

These next three months will determine the next 30 years for life on this planet.

We are being tested, if we fail to pass most of us will die.

It has been said before, “data is the new oil.” [Note: We on precisely this subject.]

So we either use what we’ve got to get this deconomy running or we let the conventional economies use us up while continuing to create ecocide for unjust enrichment.

Universal law is, rule by consent. Without full disclosure any contract is void. Authority is granted in service to the ruled.

The toughest thing about freedom is knowing we grant it to ourselves through self sovereign authority, it requires uncompromising responsibility to take back our collective consent.

This, Decentr can deliver; data value, sovereignty and equanimity.

Decentr co-founder. Your data is value. Decentr makes your data payable and tradeable online.